Students should reach out to their university which will contact us directly if the application is selected.
You need to make sure that your university has an agreement with our department beforehand.
Once the nominations have been received from the home university, we will get in touch to inform you of the relevant application procedures and deadlines.
Your application and the learning agreement that you will sign will be verified (IMPORTANT: 51% of the courses selected MUST be taken in the Modern Languages Department).

All available courses can be found in the online UGA academic catalog.
To attend classes at the UGA a minimum French proficiency level of B1 is required. No official certification is required, but your home university will have to provide a formal document or cover letter certifying that you indeed have the required level of proficiency in French.

Key dates

E-nominations from the university: from March 15th to April 30th
Student application form: from March 15th to May 30th

For exchanges during 2nd semester

E-nominations from the university: from August 27th to September 30th.
Student application form: from September 15th to October 18th.

Students who wish to spend only the 2nd semester with us can be nominated at the same time as students coming only for the 1st semester or staying for the full academic year.

Students must meet all deadlines and follow all the procedures sent by email. After the deadline, students will no longer be able to register and their application will be automatically rejected.

French as a Foreign Language (FLE) classes

As part of the exchange, you may take 20 hours of French as a Foreign Language (FLE) classes at the CUEF (University Centre for French as a Foreign language). These classes are free of charge and allow you to earn 3 ECTS credit as well as a certificate of proficiency. A link to the registration form will be sent by email by the Modern Languages Department, once your application to study with us has been accepted.

Classes by subject

The classes offered by the Department of Modern Languages are divided between Applied Foreign Languages (LEA) and Regional and Foreign Civilizations, Literatures and Languages (LLCER). The first track focuses on the business world and supposes being proficient in two foreign languages whereas the second track focuses rather on the Humanities. Several MA programmes are also proposed, on topics related both to LEA and to LLCER

Fields of studies:

Social Sciences (FR), Translation studies, History, Literature, Language skills, Linguistics

Languages of instruction:

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